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We offer Transparent LED Video Screens for purchase or hire, and provide a variety of different product types to suit any brief or budget, whether it be a temporary show or a permanent installation. 


PixelGlass is perfect for:


  • Outdoor Events

  • Digital Experiences

  • Advertising & Brand Opportunities

  • Live Performances

  • Exhibitions & Tours

Contact us to find out how PixelGlass can transform your next event.

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Ultra Bright

With a peak brightness of 5000 nits, PixelGlass screens are more than capable of taking on the sun for outdoor displays and tackling indoor lighting.

Variable Refresh Rate

PixelGlass screens deliver ultra-smooth performance with any video. Each display has a variable refresh rate that can be user-defined, up to 1920Hz.


Slim & Lightweight

By using aluminium framework, low-profile components and chambering throughout the design, each display weighs only 6KG and packs the power into a small package.

Cable Management

Usability has been considered throughout with an integrated cable management system, ensuring wires are hidden and the display is clean in any configuration.

Truly Transparent

PixelGlass screens boast a rating of >65% transparency, meaning that whatever is behind the screen is clearly visible when your content allows it to be.

High Contrast

Each display can deliver a 4000:1 contrast ratio, which is ideal for combatting bright environments and delivering dynamic video content.


Unit B, Burnt Common Warehouse
London Road
GU23 7LN

01483 223666

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